Wind Plans Product Review

Wind Plans is a good product if you are looking to install a wind turbine for electrical generation on your home. It has a lot of information on how to properly construct the best wind power system.

Wind Plans was created by a married couple that built their own solar and wind power system and now live completely off the grid. They used both wind and solar power systems to supply all of their own energy and they will show you how they did it. They take you through the process of designing a system that will be large enough to supply all of your home’s power.

They also show you the best materials to use for the construction of the solar and wind powered equipment as well as great locations to find it on the web and locally as well. If you follow their instructions you can save yourself thousands of dollars. They also offer a group of manuals for sale that detail how to construct these systems and include diagrams and instructions on how best to build the gear.

Along with the designs to build a wind turbine they also have a complete guide to constructing an inexpensive solar panel. By combining the wind turbine with a decent system of solar cells most homeowners will be able to generate enough electricity to completely power their homes.

The solar panel guide has a lot of detail on how to best size your system and where you can find solar panels at a discount price. It even lists locations where you can obtain solar cells for free for use in your own solar powered system.

If your home gets enough sun during the day and you build your system to the proper size you might be able to generate enough energy to fully power your home. You can sell any excess electricity you produce back to your local energy utility.

Wind Plans has two other alternative energy guides that detail how to make bio diesel yourself at home, and how to build an electric car. Both of these guides have detailed plans on these projects as well as parts lists and a list of sources for these components. Being able to further reduce your energy needs by using these manuals can help you save even more money.

Wind Plans is backed by a 60-day full refund on anything purchased from them. This means if you are not satisfied for any reason you can return the material for a full refund. The guarantee makes the information given even more valuable. If you are interested in alternative energy projects or are considering building a solar or wind system yourself, give Wind Plans a try. You will find good information to help you with your project.

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